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The practice of using Distribution Transformers or Service Transformers in a power distribution system has been around since the early 1880’s, where the distribution of A/C power was first made possible and perfected through use of these transformers. This particular transformer provides the final voltage transformation in an electrical power distribution system, stepping down the high voltage used in the distribution lines to a lower voltage for appropriate consumer level usage.

While these Distribution transformers are usually rated for less than 5000 kVA, they rarely operate at full load capacity and therefore are designed to have maximum efficiency at lower loads. To further maximise efficiency, voltage regulation in these transformers are kept to a minimum with specially designed small leakage reactance built into each unit.

A single 3 phase distribution transformer has the capability to service a wide range of consumers depending on the magnitude of the consumers in a given area, with the type of usage and area being a determining role in unit placement. Urban areas may designate a single transformer unit to feed several homes at once whereas more dispersed rural parts may require one transformer for every consumer. Large commercial or industrial complexes may be deemed necessary to feature multiple distribution transformer units per consumer to meet their power demands.

Distribution transformers also play a crucial role in power collection networks such biomass farms and solar farms. They are used inversely from the aforementioned illustrations to step up the power voltage from the generation apparatus, allowing a suitable state of current to flow over vast distances through connecting conduits to substations with minimal power loss.

EWT Distribution Transformer Features:-

  • Standard and low load loss models – EFG3L & EFG3N.
  • Extensive standard and optional fittings.
  • A robust internal steel clamping structure.
  • Low frequency, vacuum drying ensures complete internal dryness.
  • Oil filling of all transformers under vacuum completely removes all air and ensures complete insulation of oil to every part.
  • A high quality external polyester powder paint system with a primer undercoat combines high corrosion resistance with a durable, tough protective outer coat.
  • A hermetically sealed flexible tank design prevents contact between air and oil.
  • A short circuit proof design with copper and aluminium windings.

Technical Data:
11/0.433kV – EFG3N (Standard Loss Type)
11/0.433kV – EFG3L (Low Loss Type)
22/0.433kV – EFG3L (Low Loss Type)

Type Oil Immersed Hermetically Sealed (ONAN)
Rated Power 100 to 5000kVA
Primary Voltage Up to 36kV AC
Secondary Voltage Up to 12kV AC
Primary Tapings ±2.5%, ±5.0%
Standards IEC 60076 -1 (TNB Approved Type)
Temp. rise oil / winding 60 Deg. C / 65 Deg. C